Welcome to BestReviewsBase.com

Welcome to our site, BestReviewsBase.com, the best place for tech and home electronics reviews. Our goal is to launch our brand and offer specific reviews that help you make buying decisions.

Getting the product

As much as we can, we try to source the items we review via the following methods:

Buy the product ourselves
Rent the product from shops
Borrow the product from friends
We also talk to staff at local pet stores to gain insider information. We don’t accept freebies sent to us for review because this can cause a conflict of interest.

Reviewing criteria
The criteria for our reviews varies from product to product, but generally we will look for some of the following factors:

Performance – How well the product performs it’s intended function.
Ease of Use – How easy the product is to use, setup and install.
Durability – The building quality, materials used and lifespan of the product.
Price – How the price of this product compares to other similar products in its category.
Features – We also give weight to any additional features or functionality that may make the product special.
Safety – To ensure that no harm occurs to you or your pets.